Welcome to the Outdoor Power Equipment Field Test & Opinions Group!

This is a community of outdoor power equipment users interested in sharing their opinions and experiences to help shape future equipment, accessories and replacement parts development.  Most people really enjoy being a part of a field test and opinions group and we are committed to making this a fun, valuable experience for our members!

Field Testing

One of the ways for members to get involved is by participating in field tests. Members that qualify are sent new products to try at no cost, and they in turn agree to provide back their experience with using the product.

Share your opinions

Members are also asked to share their valuable opinions from time to time by taking surveys online as well as occasionally participating in interviews or group discussions in person or over even over the phone. We always strive to make sure sharing your opinions is easy and fun, and of course participation in any opportunity you qualify for is always optional.

On-site Observations

Sometimes the best way to understand how people use their outdoor power equipment is to not ask any questions at all – and instead simply observe.  That is why we occasionally ask members if they would allow on-site visits to their work or home to be observed with their equipment in action!

Connect with Others & Get Information

Members are welcome to respectfully interact with one another to ask questions or share experiences as well as peruse information posted on outdoor power equipment they may find useful.

Earn Points - Redeem for Merchandise

Each time you participate in a field test, or provide your opinions through surveys or interviews, you will earn points which can be redeemed for apparel and other promotional merchandise. Redeem your points right away, or save them up for really big gifts!

Please note that while Oregon®(an Oregon Tool, Inc. brand) sponsors this group, use of Oregon products is not required to join.  Your satisfaction with this community is very important to us. If you have any questions or concerns you may email them to support@outdoor-power-opinions.com.